Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2017)

The movie is completed.
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We are proud beyond words of the recognition we have received thus far.

This movie was made with new media and education first in mind with theatrical sensibilities. With that, we will be announcing a few new media screenings soon, followed by an exclusive theatrical screening, which will then lead into our new media distribution on platforms such as Amazon Prime where we can get the movie seen by a wide audience and into classrooms!

The Story

The familiar tellings we have come to know as Jekyll and Hyde very rarely, if at all, do justice to the original story. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is not a horror or monster story, but more of a psychological crime drama — a cautionary tale about the evil within each of us and what would happen if we confronted our own duality … the good and evil within.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is really just as much the story of Gabriel John Utterson, a lawyer and good friend of Dr. Henry Jekyll. More importantly, Utterson is a Victorian Gentleman, who is guided by a chivalric-like code to remain loyal to his friends and maintain his status in society.

It is loyalty that drives Utterson to play detective in an effort to protect Jekyll from the malicious and scheming Mr. Hyde. Eventually, Utterson finds himself introduced to a world that he is neither ready to enter nor accept.

The story takes place in Victorian-era England, toward the end of the Industrial Revolution. Utterson, a lawyer, and true Victorian Gentleman, discovers that his long-time friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, has become involved with a mysterious and dangerous man named Edward Hyde. Jekyll is a tall, handsome man with a very high social status, which he is expected to maintain. Hyde is a complete opposite, short and vulgar, with an unidentifiable deformity.

Utterson knows that in Jekyll’s youth, he was a bit wild and may have a few skeletons hiding in his closet. Therefore, he suspects that Mr. Hyde must be blackmailing Jekyll as the result of some long-past wrong doing. Utterson worries deeply that if the secret were to come to surface, Jekyll’s reputation would be at stake.

However, there is much more at risk then Utterson realizes. Jekyll begins to grow sickly and becomes reclusive. Another friend, experiences an “unknown” shock at Jekyll’s hands, ultimately resulting in his death. And then there’s the murder …

Hyde becomes a criminal on the run with an unknown hold over Jekyll, who will apparently do just about anything to help Hyde. Utterson continues to delve deeper into the dark and dangerous world of Edward Hyde and comes to realize that his friend, Henry Jekyll, is hiding a deep and dark secret.

The truth reveals an abomination of science and nature. Utterson is given a final choice. He must choose his life as a lawyer and the laws of England, or he will choose the life of a friend and Victorian gentleman, willing to sacrifice anything to save his friend’s reputation.


Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

B. Luciano Barsuglia

Based on the Novella by
Robert Louis Stevenson

Shaun Piccinino | Dr. Henry Jekyll
Gianni Capaldi | Mr. Edward Hyde
David Beatty | Gabriel Utterson
Jed Rowen | Dr. Hastie Lanyon
Vernon Wells | Mr. Richard Enfield
William McNamara | Mr. Bradshaw
Nick McCallum | Mr. Palmer
Elissa Dowling | Maude
Randal Malone | Mr. Poole
Margaret O’Brien | Ms. Stevenson
Mickey Rooney  |  Mr. Louis
Zan Alda  |  Inspector Newcomen
Daron McFarland  | Mr. Guest
Scott J. Miller  | Sir Danvers Carew
Hans Hernke | Mr. Field
Sierra Barsuglia  |  Mary
Jacob Kehm | Tristan
Mario Melchiot | Mr. Masterson
Charlene Rooney | Ms. Palmer
Amanda Fitz | Lucy
Jeff Bower | Ernest Abbott
Michael Beardsley | Lord Nathaniel Lawrence
Danielle Smith | Vera
Jeff Parsons | Elgin
Jamie Bohannon | Coraline
Joseph Pozo | Pub Patron
Ethan Bradfield | Pub Patron
Kelly Renee Miller | Regina
Martin Mikolajczyk | Mr. Scutter
Diane Baldwin | Gillian
Ana Harrison | Victoria
Brad Young | Winston
Rachel George | Annabelle

Executive Producers
Barry Barsuglia
B. Luciano Barsuglia
Steve Pisa
Jack Cordes
Geoffrey J. Seaman

Shawn Ness
Shawn Hauser
Scott J. Miller
Hans Hernke
Miguel Monteiro
Shaun Piccinino
Michael Gleiber
Michael Schwibs
Stephen Warren
Joseph Pozo

Assistant Producers
Wendy V. Collins
Steve Wollett

Associate Producers
Jay McCarey
John Kim
Matthias Tschernko
Elizabeth Barsuglia
Christopher Brannon
Aaron Warren
Phillip H. Horn
Haris Fazlic
Stephen Flores
Allison R Sawyer
Deborah Connolly
Jeff Parsons
Beat Kunz
James Magnum Cook
Gregory Schmauss
D. Brian Anderson
Karla K. McNeese
Judy Carter
Jud Carter
Michael Warren

Contributing Producers
Lewis James-O’Dowd
Srikant Chellappa
David S Hagemann
Michael Grogan
Steve Hill
Jo McLachlan
John Cavallo
Matt Gaines
Fred Robinson
Matthew Kelly
Erick Von Schulz
Ken Balina
Devon McCann
Michael Kutsick

Consulting Producers
Adam Magnoli
Larry Gevirtz
Melora Nivienne
Daniel Dunbar
Michael Baumeister
William R. Coughlin, Jr.

Indiegogo Partners
Thomas Michael
Andrew Thomas
Trevor Bartlett

Script Supervisors
Jeannie Quirus
Nick Reisinger
Zan Alda
Brenda Glim
Mario Melchiot
Amanda Fitz

Make-Up & Creature Design
Nick Reisinger

Additional Camera Operator
Shaun Piccinino
Leonard Wozniak

Robert E. Aquato

Craft Services
Jeannie Quirus
Scott J. Miller
Cy and Shirley Weagle
Amanda Fitz

Double/Stand-In for Mr. Rooney
Hans Hernke

Stand-In for Ms. O’Brien
Jeannie Quirus

Production Crew
Nick Reisinger
Scott J. Miller
Shaun Piccinino
Zan Alda
Ethan Bradfield
Jacob Kehm
David Beatty

Publicity & Promotions
Jennifer Noonan

Boom Operator
Roberto Aquato

Line Producer
Brenda Glim

Security Consultant
Uzi Grindler
Interceptor Security, LLC

2nd Unit Director (Glasgow)
Nav Qateel

Special Thanks
Steve Sanders
Tobias M. Gerber
Theo Hearst
Mark Robert
Russell Emanuel
Rickey Bird, Jr.
Michael McDonnell
Alexandra Goodman
Cy and Shirley Weagle
Kristie Kehm
Ginger Bradfield
Old World Village
Phillip Baloga

Copyright 2016




The official trailer.


Set Photos and Screenshots



In the editing bay:

Final-Cut-Timeline CANVAS-GETLEMEN devil-on-the-shoulder 4khyde10 01_piccinino-Reisinger 01_Beatty-Reisinger 00_margaret_mickey2 00-Utterson-and-Guest 02_jed 00_margaret_mickey 4khyde0 Gentlemans-photo-300x199 Guys-and-Gals-01-300x217 March-08_-01 March-08_-011-300x199 Lanyon-and-Utterson-200x300 jekyll-198x300 jed-rowen_-01-300x199 38 Scene David0 38 Scene Daron Vernon0 BlackMagic 4K in Use
Jekyll-Hyde-Poster-01a jh-register-239x300 02 Sceme10 securedownload-2


News & Updates







12/30/16: Finalist:

12/28/16: Official Selection:

  • 12/21/16: Now the movie is really complete.  Did a few more technical screenings and refinements. All is officially ready for take off!
  • 10/01/16: It's official. The movie is complete. Stay tuned for updates regarding release and screenings.
  • 07/16/16: Nearing completion (really). Just finishing up some ADR.
  • 04/22/16: Finalizing soundtrack and audio sweetening. Nearly there.
  • Short scene available for preview on March 13, 2016! Getting close now ...
  • New trailer released on January 24, 2016.
  • 10/20/15: The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney biography was released today. Written by Richard A. Lertzman and published by Simon and Schuster, the book gives some nice information on Mickey's involvement with the movie as well as interviews with lead actor David Beatty and director Brian Barsuglia.
  • 10/19/15: Nearly done. Putting together final effects and finishing up some green screen elements.
  • 10/14/15: Just finished with the final round of pickup shots. Not much more left! We are aiming for an end-of-the year completion.
  • 7/30/15: New poster! Check it out under the "photos" tab.
  • 7/27/15: Got the latest round of 2nd unit pick-up shots from Glasgow! Phenomenal.  Great authenticity.
  • 7/7/15: 2nd Unit pick-up shots underway in Glasgow (UK) to fill out a few exterior visuals.
  • 7/1/15: We heard word from biographer Richard Lertzman that The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney will be released on October 20, 2015 and will cover his 90-year career, capping the book with Jekyll and Hyde!
  • 6/29/15: ADR complete (post re-recording of some audio). We had to bring a couple of actors in for a little bit of audio dubbing here and there.
  • 5/24/15: Color correction underway. We are finalizing the "look" of the movie.
  • 4/4/15: Musical score underway ... This is an important aspect to making this movie.  Mark Rooney has officially started with the score!
    Nice article in the Chico Enterprise-Record about two former Chico kids, making' movies!
  • 3/12/15: Second Official Trailer Released.
  • 2/11/15: Picture lock. Wow. The finished cut is one hour and thirty-four minutes without credits.
  • Ready for color and audio.  Still have some visual FX but it is coming along!
  • 11/30: As editing continues, more screenshots and set pics.
  • We are still knee deep in post, but it is coming along wonderfully!
  • First Official Trailer: June 19, 2014
  • Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/jekyllhydemovie
  • May 5: Principal photography has wrapped! Officially, we have the movie! Yes, there is still a long way to go as we have a lengthy post-production process.
  • Shooting resumes April 21! One of our new producers, Steve Pisa, has given us use of his BlackMagic Cinema 4K Camera for the remainder of the film. Incredible!
  • March 8: Shooting begins.
  • Oscar winning actor and screen legend, Mickey Rooney, has officially signed on!
  • Legendary and Oscar winning actress, Margaret O’Brien (Meet Me in St. Louis), will officially be in the movie.
  • Veteran character actor, Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science) has signed on to play Mr. Enfield.
  • Cast News: Award winning actor, Randal Malone, has joined the cast as Mr. Poole.
  • Check out Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on IMDB!
  • Casting is underway. Key roles filled to-date are Hyde (Gianni Capaldi), Utterson (David Beatty), and Dr. Lanyon (Jed Rowen) – Oct. 25.
  • Instant Monsters finalizes custom design for Mr. Hyde creature prosthetic.
  • The official shooting script has been completed. We are now in the process of casting and scouting locations (Oct. 14, 2013).
  • The Orange County Register’s local paper, The Huntington Beach Wave, gives Jekyll and Hyde a write up!
  • While our Indiegogo campaign has concluded, we are still raising money for this truly collaborative and extremely high quality project (Sept. 28).
  • Jekyll and Hyde gets a mention in INFLUX Magazine!
  • Thanks Cinema Assassin for the Jekyll and Hyde update!
  • Official-funding campaign begins in August 2013.
  • SoCal Entertainment and Media’s first round of movies are now on Amazon Prime. You can watch the originally produced movies Zombie Farm and Aaron’s House.
  • Crowd-funding campaign begins with previous producers (May 2013)
  • Pre-Production and Early Financing officially begins (May 2013)
  • SoCal Entertainment and Media inks deal to bring independent movies to Amazon Prime. Jekyll and Hyde will have guaranteed distribution to millions of viewers.

For Education

One of the primary goals from its inception was the idea of creating a version of Jekyll and Hyde that could actually be teachable and serve as a companion piece to the novella in the classroom. Hence our goal to create a "true-to-text" adaptation.

Did we take some creative liberties, sure, but only in areas where we truly believed they were implied in Stevenson's original work. There is much that is left out and implied about the private lives of Jekyll and Hyde, so we expanded on and explained some of the areas of debauchery in ways that could both be explained through the Victorian mindset and the original text.

The Movie

Of course, when it is done, the movie will be made available here.

Literature Matters: The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: A Study Guide For Teachers, Students And Readers

Our study guide is among the top selling Jekyll and Hyde study guides on Amazon. It is meant to be a classroom aid for teachers and a study aid for students. Available on Amazon.

The Annotated Screenplay

The shooting script for our movie will soon be available. In the annotations, we explain in detail how every scene fits in with the original story.

Screening Opportunities

The movie is complete.

We are happy to consider festival and theatrical screening opportunities.

Contact us at info@koaaloha.com

Distribution Inquiries

The movie is complete. Assets are available for delivery.

The film is available for worldwide distribution.

  • Oscar Winner Mickey Rooney in his final film.
  • Oscar Winner Margaret O'Brien.
  • Action star Vernon Wells (Commando, The Road Warrior).
  • Hollywood veteran William McNamara (Copycat).
  • Rising Star Gianni Capaldi (The Wicked Within)
  • Action up-and-comer Shaun Piccinino (Call of Duty)
  • Renowned makeup artist Nick Resinger.
  • True-to-Text timeless story.
  • Likely PG rating.
  • Worldwide audience.
  • Worldwide educational audience.
  • Shot in 4K.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at info@koaaloha.com