Our Style

We will artistically and elegantly capture the beauty and excitement of your wedding.

We shoot in two primary styles for video. They are Journalistic and Cinematic.

For Journalistic/Coverage style weddings, we shoot with multiple cameras to produce a polished and professionally edited video, which documents your wedding day. This size tends to have a greater depth of field, meaning more of the image tends to be in focus to insure the day is documented in its entirety.  This is our coverage style with one videographer.

For Cinematic style weddings, we shoot with cinema-style cameras and equipment, creating the look and feel of a theatrical movie! Cinema-style implies and few things such as - 1) a shallow depth of field, meaning the subject is in focus and much of the rest of the image is de-focused, and 2) more camera movement to give a movie like feel at times.

Our packages can be shot in the style of your preference. All Bronze/Custom packages are shot primarily in a journalistic style unless otherwise noted.

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