Video Samples

Ultimately, we like to let our work speak for itself. We have been shooting weddings and events for many years.

Since 2003, SoCal Entertainment and Media has shot more than 600 weddings and nearly 1,000 events.

Not only do we produce elegance in wedding videos, but we also cover a variety of other events such as plays, concerts, fashion shows and other performances. We can also serve complete production needs for companies and individuals.

Below you will find just a small sampling that highlights are expertise.

Wedding Video Promo with a collection of weddings shot in 4K and HD throughout 2013-2015.

This is an example of a wedding with cinema-style techniques (such as drones, out of focus backgrounds, 4 cameras, etc).

Montage/Highlight - This wedding had four camera coverage as well as a drone.

This is a short example of four cameras covering a fashion show.

The following is a sample of a three camera shoot covering a quartet.

A Wedding shot in 4K. This was a small wedding (just the bride, groom, and officiant), but it was streamed live and used wireless microphones. It gives a good sense of the quality of 4K (sampled down to 1080p HD) and how we handle sound even when there are many background noises such as planes, traffic and the ocean.

Classic Video Montage of a Single Wedding shot in the early days of HD video in the early 2000s, but shows how our videos withstand the test of time.

Here is a sample video we put together with a few of the different 4K cameras that we use.  This video was shot on 4K and sampled down to 1080P high definition, preserving the fine details and the vibrant colors.