Why You Need a Wedding Videographer!

Wedding Videography ... What is it do you need a professional wedding videographer?

Wedding videography is a video production that documents a wedding on video. The final product of the videographer's documentation is commonly called a wedding video. It is also referred to as a wedding movie or a wedding film (from Wikipedia).

With 4K Ultra HD video photography now a reality, a strong videographer is equal in importance, and in some situations..  I do both, so I have a unique perspective. In short, the answer is yes, a huge yes, you need a wedding videographer!  In fact, if anything, technology is changing the role of the traditional wedding photographer ... read on!

Don't get me wrong, the role of traditional photography is still important, but with the quality of video now, many couples put more of an importance on the video for non-posed events, especially at the reception.  Photography can beautifully capture a moment, but video captures the entire story.

4K video allows for perfect still images to be pulled from the video to make picture perfect photos. So for non-posed events, I often now focus on 4K UHD when possible and stick to traditional DSLR for the posed formal events. This is the best of both worlds and can be handled professionally by 1-3 users.  There is no need for a 5 person team any longer.

Is there a need for a photographer still? Yes, of course, but 4K should be looked at as another tool in the toolbox to insure the best and most complete coverage possible.

Over the years, wedding videography has received a bad wrap. Sometimes, deservedly so, but not because of what videography is, but rather what it isn't.  When I ask people what the imagine when they hear the words "wedding videography," there is this skewed perception of what a videographer should and shouldn't do.

I always advise clients (whether they book with me or not) to get to know the vendors. Is your photographer someone who can control a crowd if that's what you're looking for or are they more passive and let the photos come to them? It depends on what you want.  Is your DJ the type who keeps the party going or is your DJ actually the party? Again, what do you want? It it is your money and your decision.  As for videographers, I find there are two types -- there are photographers who understand how to use a video camera and there are those who rely on the automated features of a camera.


But What is Wedding Videography and What Type of Wedding Videographer Should I Choose?

At it's heart, a video camera is still a camera and to truly use one correctly, the user has to understand photography.

My first bit of advice is, make sure your videographer is trained and understands photography.  With this, I would also make sure your wedding videographer is just that, an expert in wedding videography. Weddings have their own unique nuances and the more weddings someone has shot, the better prepared they will be.  This goes for wedding photography too.

Secondly, there are many videographers who want to turn your wedding or event into a film production.  They bring in large teams of people and a lot of equipment. This, by my estimation, dilutes the magic of your actual day. Yes, the video will probably look great, but it may not be documenting the reality. Again, nothing wrong here if that's what you're looking for, but this is not my style.

A cinematic experience can still be created without a massive amount of equipment. Again, it goes back to whether or not your wedding videographer understands their equipment or not.  This goes for wedding photographers too.  I have seen photographers who bought a nice Canon Rebel and think they can shoot weddings, but without an understanding of actually photography, the results can be disastrous. Simply put, your professionals should be professionals!

As a Professional Wedding Videographer and Wedding Photographer, I recommend ...

Making the leap to 4K Ultra High Definition with some traditional DSLR photography. If you do this, you will have an incredible, cinema-like video with high quality images that can be pulled for your walls, albums, social media or anything.  Then with the posed photographs, stick to traditional photography.  Going this route will capture everything and you won't be disappointed!