Wedding FAQs

Choosing a Wedding Videographer is a Key Part of your Wedding Day!

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing photographers and videographers. Over the years we have been presented with a lot of questions -- here are few of the things we suggest you look at when you choose your vendors.

This is a general list of questions worth considering and asking.

As with all aspects of your wedding, choose your photographer and videographer carefully. We encourage you to research and interview multiple vendors in order to insure that you will find someone who captures the personality of your wedding.

Picking the Right Person for Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography!

Dos and Dont's when hiring a videographer/photographer.

Do choose a photographer/videographer that is licensed, insured and experienced.

Do know your photographer/videographer's style. Do you want them to accommodate the personality of your wedding day, or do you want them to have their own artistic, personal vision?

Do ask questions and expect answers. A vendor should be able to answer any of your stylistic and/or technical questions with ease.

Do feel comfortable contacting your photographer and videographer or any vendor at any point during the process. Vendors are often booked six months or a year in advance – they are given money to reserve their services for a task to-be-performed. Once hired, they are under your employ as an independent contractor. They should not avoid you.

Do trust your vendors. You have hired these people for their expertise, so long as you are comfortable with your decision, trust the decisions they make in their efforts – that’s why you hired them.

Keep in mind your wedding photographer and wedding videographer should accommodate your style and personality as much as you would like them to. Many photographers and videographers have their own style and approach and you should be comfortable with them before going into the big day!

Understand microphones and audio. There is absolutely a need for quality, professional microphones and audio equipment. Different circumstances call for different equipment. Check with your wedding videographer to find out how they use microphones, including wireless mics and recording equipment. Make sure you are comfortable with the usage and make sure the venue can accommodate the vendor's goals.

Handhelds, steadicams, dollys, cranes and tripods at weddings are different camera techniques offering differing visual outcomes. Ask your wedding videographer what they use and what that means to the finished product as well as their role in the wedding day. Some of these items will be more obtrusive during a wedding and it is important for you to be comfortable with that style of shooting.

REMEMBER, ultimately, this is your wedding, your event, your day. Your vendors, all of them, are there to accommodate you! Your professionals are providing a service and ultimately the Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography should meet your wants and needs.